Monday, 29 April 2013

Web Publishing week 11

This is the eleventh week of posting on my blog. It is also the last post required for the assignment. In this week I am going to summarise previous ten weeks based on statistic data about viewers of my blog, gathered by Google. The most of them were coming from Ireland (626), there was few visitors from Germany (64) and United States (44). One person from China came across my blog - probably accidentally. A bit more than half (57%) were using Firefox browser. Next positions on the list accrue to: Chrome (17%), Internet Explorer (11%) and Safari (10%). The vast majority of visitors were using Windows (85%) operating system and only (9%) Macintosh OS.

The most of traffic to my blog I got was coming from Colin's blog site and I suppose it was generated by colleagues - students from my class. Second source of traffic came from my own blog which may indicate that my own logins can have potential to mislead in the data interpretation. It would be preferred to not record of those in order to keep statistics more accurate.

 As with the end of posting on the blog I am getting closer to end of the second semester. There is still few days left for studying before final exams time comes. Hopefully when everything is over we will get good summer this year.

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